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15 + Html Background Image Y Repeat HD Resolutions. If a background-image property is specified, the background-repeat property in CSS defines if (and how) it will repeat. The background-repeat property is used to define how the background image should be repeated.

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html - display background image that needs to repeat but ... (Nathan Maldonado)
Html Tag Reference Html Browser Support Html Event Reference Html Color Reference Definition and Usage. Repeat a background image both vertically and horizontally. Below are some examples (and code) of repeating background images.

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You can make your background image repeat across the page (or any other HTML element) by using the CSS background-repeat property.

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15 + Html Background Image Y Repeat Background ImagesThere are two other values: "space" and "round". Background-image is a css property that sets the background for any particular element (div, paragraph etc.), repeated vertically and horizontally both. repeat :The background image will be repeated both vertically and horizontally. It also decides whether the background-image will be repeated or not.